Serial entrepreneur Peter Adejoh opens luxury hotel in Abuja

11 Mar 2022
Financial Nigeria


Through his Camey & Rock Platform Holdings, Peter Adejoh’s businesses are in banking, fintech, and real estate, with hospitality being one of his latest industries of interest.

Serial entrepreneur Peter Adejoh

Serial entrepreneur, Peter Adejoh, has opened his debut, luxury hotel in Abuja. Branded Plush, the facility located in the serenity of Wuse, Zone 4, was unveiled to a select group of family members, friends, and business associates of the proprietor at a two-day event on 18 – 19 February 2022, featuring performance by the star artiste, D’banj.

Plush is defined by access to luxurious hospitality. Its location, in the heart of the Federal Capital Territory, seeks to provide top quality service to urbane professionals and business travelers who want quick connection to places in the FCT.

The debut facility for the Plush brand has 20 rooms comprising a two-room Executive Suite and varied number of rooms branded as Standard, Single Standard, Deluxe, Superior Deluxe and Club Suite. The facility also has a meeting room, a restaurant and bar ideal for mobile executives who want a great spot for relaxation and exclusive meetings.

Plush marks the beginning of the foray of Peter Adejoh’s Prime Luxury Address Limited into the hospitality sector. The real estate company has been in the market providing luxury housing units to upper middle class and the affluent sector in Abuja.

“One of the things that inspired us to launch our hospitality brand is the value we have been able to deliver in residential real estate,” Mr. Adejoh told Financial Nigeria during the unveiling of Plush Hotel. “We have been building luxury houses, so we decided to diversify our portfolio in order to spread our risk in the real estate sector and create value through a flagship society brand in the hospitality industry.”

Plush aims to create and serve a niche market. Therefore, it is not out to compete with any particular brand already existing in the industry. Plush has a unique aspiration. Although it has invested in a well-built facility, its niche is high-class hospitality service.

“We want to be known for the high quality of our hospitality. We want to be known for luxury. And we aim to deliver these through exceptional service,” Mr. Adejoh told Financial Nigeria on the red carpet during the unveiling event, to the admiration of his guests.

Through his Camey & Rock Platform Holdings, Peter Adejoh’s businesses are in banking, fintech, and real estate, with hospitality being one of his latest industries of interest.

Given his growing reputation as a young, savvy, and serial investor, we asked him what his next enterprise might be. To this, he answers: “We have two more industries we are delving into,” and he was forthcoming with one, keeping the other to his chest for now. “We are going into healthcare. We are building a 120-bed hospital in collaboration with some international health service providers interested in having presence in Nigeria’s vast market.”

He disclosed th at the site for the healthcare facility has been acquired and it is currently undergoing pre-construction processes. The facility will serve to provide quality medical services to patients. It will reduce the cost of access to world-class medical services to patients who because of the dearth of such facilities locally have to engage in medical tourism. “By curbing medical tourism, the facility will also be helping the country to save foreign exchange,” said Mr. Adejoh.

Plush Hotel’s promise of exceptional service quality is a crucial value in a market crowded by a plethora of facilities that leaves guests ruing the service they receive. And while Abuja remains a political capital of the country, it is a fast-growing consumer market where demand for luxury and pleasure will continue to rise.

Plush Hotel

Peter Adejoj and D'banj at Plush Hotel's opening event

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