Nigeria’s advertising spend reaches N97.9 billion

11 Jul 2016
Financial Nigeria


Among the top 10 ad spenders in 2015 were MTN (N4.7billion), Airtel (N4.1billion), Etisalat (N3.7billion), and Globacom (N3.7billion).

Nigeria’s total advertising expenditure reached N97.9 billion in 2015, according to the 2015 Mediafacts report, which was published last week by mediaReach OMD, a Lagos-based media agency.

The total advertising spend for 2015 was 5.2 percent or N4.8 billion higher than the N93.1 billion recorded in the previous year. According to the report, in the first and second quarters of 2015, total ad spend stood at N23 billion in each quarter, while 29.8 billion and N22.1 billion were recorded in the third and fourth quarters, respectively.

“The 2014/2015 electioneering campaigns and the successful change in government may have positively impacted on the advertising spends in 2015,” the report said.

A breakdown of Nigeria’s advertising expenditure in 2015 shows that television stations attracted the highest advertising spend of N39 billion, whilst the print media, outdoor advertising, and radio stations accounted for N23.7 billion, N20.1billion and N15.1 billion, respectively.

“Nigeria’s media is one of the most vibrant in Africa,” said Tolu Ogunkoya, Managing Director/CEO of mediaReach OMD. “State radio and TV have near-national coverage and operate at federal and regional levels. All 36 states run at least one radio network and a TV station . . . There are more than 100 national and local press titles, some of them are state-owned  . . . By 2014, 70.3 million Nigerians were online. Mobile phones are commonly used to access the web. Most Internet users are young, educated and urban.”

On a regional basis, Lagos State alone accounted for N53.1billion of total ad spend followed by the North-Central (N12.1billion), South West (N10.2billion) and South-South regions (N10billion). The North-East region attracted less than one percent of total ad spend because of the ongoing Boko Haram insurgency in the region, the report said.

According to Mediafacts, the top advertising product categories that contributed to the total ad spend in 2015 included: Personal Paid (N12.2 billion), Corporate Communications (N6.3 billion), Banking and Finance (N5.8 billion), Lager Beer (N4.6 billion), Public Service (N3.8 billion), Soft Drinks (N2.8 billion), Cable TV (N2.5 billion), Milk and Diary (N2.2 billion) and Broadcast (N2.2 billion).

Others categories included: Noodles (N2.1 billion), Cocoa Beverages (2 billion), Skin Cleansing (N1.8 billion), Nutritional Drinks (1.8 billion), Dental Care (N1.6 billion), Seasonings (N1.5 billion), Online mall/Education/Malt (N1.4billion), Non-Soapy Detergents (NSD) Powder (N1.3billion) and others (N22.4billion).

The top 10 ad spenders in 2015 were: Sundry Advertisers (other Information Services) – N13.5billion; MTN – N4.7billion; Airtel – N4.1billion; Etisalat – N3.7billion; and Globacom – N3.7billion. Others were: Nigerian Breweries – N3.7billion; State Governments – N3.1billion; Sundry Advertisers (Services) – N3billion; Reckitt Benckiser Nigeria – N2.7billion; and Procter & Gamble – N2.1billion.

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