Lagos ranked among least expensive cities globally

18 Jan 2017
Financial Nigeria


The 2017 Relocation Price Index reveals the cost of moving to some of the most in-demand cities globally.

Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode

Lagos, Nigeria's largest city, has been ranked among the least expensive cities in the world in terms of living costs, according to Movinga, Europe's leading online provider of moving services. In the 2017 Relocation Price Index (RPI) published by the online moving platform on Wednesday, Lagos was ranked 68th out of 75 cities. The 2017 RPI study reveals the cost of moving to some of the most in-demand cities globally.   

The top five most expensive cities to relocate to, according to the index, are Luanda, Angola; New York, United States; San Francisco, USA; Zurich, Switzerland; and London, United Kingdom. The least expensive city in the world is Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia.

The basic first month living cost in Tunis was estimated at $397.80, whilst Luanda was put at $3,259.32. Living cost in Lagos was estimated at $668.33 for the first month of relocation.

“The study offers unique insight into not only the cost of relocation from a city but also the associated costs of a first month of living in a new city,” Movinga said. “Those looking to relocate for work, relationships or a more affordable cost of living will benefit from first checking the relocation costs of their current home city and then combing the price with the living expenses of their desired relocation city to estimate their necessary expenses.”

The 2017 RPI is based on the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre, the cost of mobile phone set-up and data plan, the price of a monthly public transportation pass, as well as food and drink for thirty days. The survey covers 75 cities in 51 countries.

The survey findings show that New York has the most expensive rent for a 35 m² apartment at $2,052.15/month; whilst Tunis offers the least expensive rent for a 35 m² apartment at $127.02/month.

In terms of public transport costs, London offers the most expensive local transport at $153.58 per month. Cairo, Egypt, offers the least expensive public transport costs for a month at $6.50.  

Seoul, South Korea's capital city, offers the least expensive labour and transport costs associated with relocating; while the same services are most expensive in Hong Kong. Lagos was placed in 8th position for average relocation costs.

The least expensive cities after Tunis are Bangalore, India; and Cairo. Johannesburg is also one of the less expensive cities, placed 62nd on the index. The largest South African city also has the least expensive basic first month cost ($722.74) among all cities with English as an official language.   

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