Does performance depend on personality?

22 Aug 2020, 12:00 am
Glen Lowe
Does performance depend on personality?

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Developing the right trading psychology would greatly help to accomplish your objectives in Forex trading.

Many people wonder whether their personality traits can have an impact on their performance in the contract for difference (CFD) market. CFD is a form of derivative trading, which involves speculating on financial markets without having to buy and sell any underlying assets. A CFD investor earns revenue based on the price movement of a financial product between the time the contract opens and closes.

Trading is a very vast sector where every aspect is crucial. One has to take into consideration so many factors to successfully execute a financial decision. At first glance, trading may seem easy, but investors soon begin to realise how complicated the entire process is.

Service providers frequently include bogus information in their marketing to attract potential customers. But anyone can easily figure out whether the information is true or not by searching online.

Lately, currency (or foreign exchange) trading has been booming because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. As a lot of people have been made redundant due to the economic impact of the pandemic, some have taken up Forex trading to earn income. Even the others who still have jobs are looking for alternative sources of income. Trading fits perfectly as an activity for people in this category to engage in. Therefore, people are investing more capital than ever before.

Different individuals have different personalities, which influence their predispositions for certain trading styles. Therefore, before one goes live, it is recommended that one finds a suitable approach that suits one’s personality. For instance, an intolerant person cannot use a long-term strategy effectively due to that character trait. Such an individual would feel more comfortable with a short-term strategy. Those who manage the capital of such individuals always bear in mind their clients’ personality traits.

This article will try to explore whether a personality trait does affect the performance of an investor.

To a certain extent, it does.

Everything is interlinked in CFD trading and one needs to develop the right mindset before one can expect a substantial profit. The extent to which a particular mindset affects one’s trading style depends on the individual because different people have different requirements in a particular trade.

For instance, imagine a scenario where someone is trying to recoup lost capital by implementing a risky formula. If he lacks the ability to go long, he is more likely to make mistakes because of the pressure he would be under. So, despite the strategy that is undertaken, the person’s circumstances may affect their performance.

Sometimes people fail to achieve their expected outcomes because they fail to adopt the right mindset. Imagine the mental condition of that person who has a negative balance every month in his account. Despite using the right method, he or she will fail to achieve a successful outcome because of the wrong trading psychology.

Work on your weakness

The elite traders who are trading CFDs with Saxo do work hard on their weaknesses. They operate like pro traders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. They use a well-balanced trading routine so that they can detect the faults in the system and take necessary steps to achieve great success. As you learn more about the factors that may affect your performance, you will be able to improve your skills. Fixing the faults over a period of time will result in robust trading skills.

But how can I change my personality all of a sudden?

This is a very logical question. The answer is that it is not possible to change one’s personality per se. But does that imply that someone who has not got the appropriate mentality will never invest in currency trading? No. Certain personality traits can and do change with some effort. Nothing is impossible with humans. One can completely transform his trading psychology as well as elevate his performance beyond expectation.

But remember this is a long-term process and it will not happen within a few weeks. Maintain a stringent routine that will help you to accomplish your objectives within a set time. Never feel it is beyond your capacity because professional help is available to enable you to greatly improve your situation and instill in you the right mindset to become a successful trader. We are not talking about changing Jerry into Tom. It is about focusing to develop a mindset that is suitable for financial investment.

If you can transform yourself and develop the right trading psychology, it would greatly help you to accomplish your objectives in Forex trading.

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