Tech company Klasha introduces menstrual leave to support female employees

16 Dec 2022, 12:00 am
Financial Nigeria


Klasha said the policy is the first of its kind for a technology company operating in Nigeria.

Image by Klasha

Klasha Inc., a San Francisco and Lagos-based technology company, on Wednesday, announced a new menstrual leave policy for Klasha’s female employees. In a statement sent to Financial Nigeria, the tech company offering cross-border commerce solutions across Africa, said the policy is the first of its kind for a technology company operating in Nigeria.

The new policy, which is in addition to statutory annual and sick leave to which employees are already entitled, will support female employees by granting self-care leave time during their menstrual cycle. The policy also fights the societal taboos around menstruation, and the difficulties they present.

“At Klasha, we understand that we must make room for women’s biological needs as a part of everyday business,” said Jess Anuna, CEO of Klasha. “Rather than leave the subject as an unspoken taboo, we want to build a culture of trust, truth, and acceptance. In 2022, women being on their period leave should not be uncomfortable.”

She said menstruation is a part of life, and while society is still far from fully understanding what women go through, we must make progress in the corporate world.

“Klasha is delighted to be an early mover in this, especially in Africa - where very few such policies are in place,” added Anuna.

According to the statement, the positives of a menstrual leave policy are various and diverse. Morally and ethically, it is the right thing to do. It also encourages workplace diversity, which in turn empowers women to enter the workplace and begin a journey of career development.

Klasha says it is leading by example: encouraging more companies to acknowledge the need for women who experience excruciating menstrual pain to take time off. With period shame and poverty being issues affecting females globally, Klasha believes its new policy is a significant move to breaking down these barriers, which, sadly, are still a reality in many parts of the world.

The new policy is also a sustainable strategy for a company. Inclusive employee policies attract and retain talent, and happier employees are more productive.

Known for its cross-border payment solutions, Klasha helps merchants sell to and from Africa. Klasha Business, the company’s payables and receivables solution – which includes embedded FX capabilities – has over 2,000 merchants signed up and 350,000 transactions processed while maintaining its month-on-month growth.

Klasha’s consumer product, Klasha App, has over 250,000 app users and has grown by over 90% in the last six months alone. The app allows users to shop internationally from Africa with KlashaShop – an in-app shop feature providing access for African users to shop from international brands (such as Zara, Nike, and H&M), pay in naira, and get fast doorstep delivery to Africa in 7-14 working days. The process means consumers don’t have to worry about customs fees. Consumers can also spend internationally, from Africa, with Klasha’s newly-launched Visa Dollar Cards.


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