What to know before you start a product-based business

21 Sep 2020, 12:00 am
Glen Lowe
What to know before you start a product-based business

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Product-based businesses have larger profit margins and they are more likely to survive and expand.

Product-based businesses have larger profit margins and they are more likely to survive and expand. On the other hand, the services business has limitations. You can build a services-based company and make a decent income, but you are more dependent on your employees compared to a product-based business. If you have acquired expertise in a product and plan to make a business out of it, you should also learn the right way to do business.

Having technical knowledge of the product or field is not enough. You need to have knowledge of every field that is linked to your business. And on top of that, you need to learn the proper way to run a business. While the field of business is vast and there is a lot to learn, this article is a brief guide to help you get started. I have discussed a few basic steps you need to follow to successfully start a product-based business.

Be Sure About Your Idea

Before you put all your resources and time into one idea, make sure it is worth it. You wouldn’t want to start a project and realize after one year that it is a dead-end. The question is: How you can tell if it’s a good idea?

First of all, see if it’s unique. If you are going to offer the same thing as everyone else, you must have a unique selling point. It doesn’t mean that you can’t go with something that is already being offered in the market. You will always have competition no matter what field you choose. Even if there is no competition in the beginning, other people will follow and create one for you.

Study the Market

Always do a thorough study before you enter any market. You should know everything there is to know about that industry so you can see how your product will find its place there. This will give you knowledge on how and when to launch. You will learn about the pain point of your target audience, which will help you create unique selling points.

You might also have to get the help of an experienced professional who has spent some time in this market. He or she will help you understand how to come up with the right product and marketing approach that guarantees success.

Create a Business Plan

A business plan is crucial if you don’t want to waste resources and time. It answers every question necessary to start a business. It is basically a list of questions regarding your business, such as what you offer, how it provides value, and where it will be sold. This is, however, not a simple questionnaire that you answer within minutes.

It will require you to do some research, write plans, do calculations, and brainstorm. Once you are done with this phase, you would know exactly what you need to do next. You will have some goals and a roadmap in front of you that will make it easy to utilize your resources in the right place and measure success.

Arrange Proper Finances

It goes without saying that you will need a significant amount of money if you want to start a product-based business. You will need to do some research and brainstorming about how much finances you need to start and run your business. You will get a good idea of the required investment if you have designed the business plan right.

You will need to plan where all your financial resources will be put and how they will benefit your business before you take any step. This information will be used to attract investors and show that you know what you are doing.

Outsource Production to Asia

You might be thinking about establishing your own manufacturing site. While this has its benefits, a much-recommended approach is to outsource it to an Asian country like China. It will help you save a lot in investment and save you the trouble of starting a factory from scratch. There is a big difference in the currency of Asian and Western countries. Most countries in Asia are much cheaper in terms of living costs compared to Western countries. This makes it easier to get the work done at a significantly lower cost.

You will save a big percentage on production by outsourcing it to a company in China as the country has become the biggest hub for manufacturing. If you are worried they might not be able to deliver the right product, you can hire qualified quality inspectors at jonble.com. They will visit your plants and test all products and manufacturing processes to make sure workers are doing exactly as you have asked.

Develop a Marketing Plan

Marketing is at least as or even more important than production. There is no point in manufacturing any products if you can’t sell them. A developed product that is not sold will only take up space and probably expire with time. It’s important that you have a strong marketing plan with measurable results so you can start production accordingly.

This means you have to learn and become an expert at sales and marketing. You should know who your target audience is and how to approach them. Use all marketing channels, and don’t be afraid to invest. Marketing takes the biggest investment, even more than production sometimes.

Get Copyrights and Patents

If you have a good and unique idea, you should protect it before someone steals it. It wouldn’t be the first time someone stole another person’s idea and made billions out of it. You should first get a patent for your products and ideas and then register your brand name and logo. This would also ensure no one acts as an imposter to take away your potential clients.

Create a Website and Social Media Pages

Many businesses only rely on their online channels to bring them clientele. You should create a website and business pages on all social media websites and use them for marketing and sales. Be sure to also allocate a budget for digital marketing. One of the biggest advantages of online marketing is the data you collect. It helps you learn more about your target audience and their interests.

Consider social media platforms. They barely cost much compared to traditional marketing channels. Over 4.5 billion people use the internet and you can reach them with your message by using digital marketing. You can also index your products on your website and sell them online.

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