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Study says Lagos has the poorest road and air quality among world's cities

14 Nov 2019, 02:36 pm
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Study says Lagos has the poorest road and air quality among world's cities

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Depicting Lagos as stressful for driving, the study shows a high rate of road rage in the city.

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu (hands akimbo), inspecting a road repair

Mister Auto, a leading European car parts retailer, has released a study which reveals the best and worst cities to drive worldwide, using data about infrastructure, safety, costs and driver behaviour. The study, 2019 Driving Cities Index, says Lagos has the poorest road and air quality in the world, with the sprawling commercial hub of Nigeria – Africa’s largest economy -- ranked 97 out of a total of 100 cities.

Amongst several findings of the study is that Oslo, Norway, has the most expensive petrol at $1.91 per litre; while Lagos, Nigeria, has the cheapest at 40c per litre. Calgary, Canada, is the best city for driving due to low congestion, fatalities and affordability; while Mumbai, India is the worst, scoring low in these factors.

Mister Auto said it was motivated to conduct the study, considering that drivers spend an average of two years of their lives behind the wheel. It also decided to take a deeper look into the numerous elements that impact the driving experience.

From infrastructure and congestion, to associated driving costs and driver behaviour itself, the result is a comprehensive study that reveals the cities, which are successfully utilising infrastructure and legislation to improve driving conditions for their citizens.

“Despite advances in the accessibility of transportation, cars remain the most commonly used mode of transport in the world,” said Sébastien Rohart, Managing Director of Mister Auto. “Whether running on fuel or electric power, cities will continue to have to make adjustments so that they can accommodate the flow of vehicles.”

He said there are a number of cities in the world where smog and pollution from cars make a huge impact on the health and safety of their drivers and inhabitants. “We included air quality in this study because we wanted to see which cities around the world are tackling the problem of air pollution, while making it safe for their citizens to get from A to B without having to risk their health doing so.”

The study's comprehensive data on Lagos shows the city has 0.12 cars per capita. Out of maximum score of 100, Daily Average Congestion score is 65.10; Road Quality Score is 1.00, same as its Air Quality Score.

Depicting Lagos as stressful for driving, the study shows a high rate of road rage in the city, which has a score of 97.47 on that factor, while Fatality/100,000 Inhabitants is 26.20 – also the worst score among the cities ranked.

Showing the dominance of public means of transportation in the city, Lagos scored 70.01 in “Public Transport,” but its score of 8.00 in Average Car Age shows overwhelming proportions of the cars on the road are very old, where second-hand cars (Tokunbo) imported into the country exceed vehicles purchased brand new.

The study shows Lagos as a jurisdiction of low “Annual Road Tax,” with above average affordability score.

The general state of disrepair of Lagos roads has in the past few months aggitated commuters who spend considerably more time on the roads than their trips should have taken.

In the overall ranking, the top ten cities (in the order of ranking) are Calgary, Canada; Dubai, UAE; Ottawa, Canada; Bern, Switzerland; El Paso, United States; Vancouver, Canada; Gothenburg, Sweden; Dusseldorf, Germany; Basel, Switzerland; and Dortmund, Germany.

Mumbai, India is the worst ranked city.

Other findings of the study include:
•    The cities with the most incidents of road rage (score) are Ulaanbaatar (99.12), followed by Moscow (98.46), and Karachi (98.13), while the cities with the least amount of road rage incidents are Osaka (1.00), followed by Tokyo (2.54), and Singapore (2.65).
•    The cities with the highest fatality rate / 100,000 inhabitants are Lagos (26.20), followed by Orlando (23.40), and Mumbai (22.6), while the cities with the lowest rate are Manchester (0.80), followed by (0.90), and Oslo (1.00).
•    The cities with the highest air quality score are Brisbane (100), followed by Salvador (99.53) and Stockholm (98.55), while the cities with the lowest are Lagos (1.00), followed by Karachi (25.09) and Beijing (26.05).
•    The cities with the most cars per capita are Athens (0.77), followed by Seattle (0.68), and Turin (0.67), while the cities with the least are Karachi and Kolkata (0.05), followed by Tel Aviv (0.07).
•    The cities with the best daily average congestion score are Malmo and El Paso (100), followed by Detroit (99.54), while the cities with the worst congestion score are Mumbai (1.00), followed by Kolkata (55.17) and Ulaanbaatar (62.95).
•    The cities with the best road quality score are Geneva, Zurich, and Basel (100), while the cities with the lowest score are Lagos (1.00), followed by Bogota (59.31) and Rio de Janeiro (59.70).
•    The cities with the best public transport score are New York (100), followed by Singapore (99.86) and Tokyo (98.89), while the cities with the lowest score are Karachi (1.00), followed by Bogota (16.94) and El Paso (60.77).
•    The cities with the best city speed sample score are Calgary (100), followed by Glasgow (95.24) and Seattle (94.08), while the cities with the worst score are Mumbai (1.00), followed by London (28.80) and Kolkata (28.99).
•    The cities with the highest average car age are Mumbai, Kolkata, and Athens (15.00), while the cities with the lowest average age are Dubai (5.20), Singapore (5.46) and Tokyo (6.00).

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