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Future Banking Forum - Africa

Category : Banking
Place : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date : 25 August - 25 August, 2022
Event URL : https://futurebanking-forum.com/

Status : Registration in progress
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Event Overview

The banking system in Africa is undergoing a major transformation due to the onset of digitization. The top emerging trends within the African market that have come forward over the last few years are mobile banking, digital-only banking and rise in fintechs. There is huge increase in the need to strengthen compliance and to incorporate systems to tackle the ever-increasing risk of financial cybercrimes.

The African banking market is among the fastest growing markets in the world and can be considered a hotbed for innovation. The retail banking sector is at the heart of growth with tremendous rise in the number of people who are getting banked. Africa has one of the most varied banking systems across the world, as different countries have different levels of maturity; African banking markets show stark differences in terms of size, infrastructure, banking penetration and use of digital.

At the Future Banking Forum we aim at discussing the emerging trends in the African markets while looking at solutions that can help advance the banking system in the region while considering the latest policies, procedures and regulations.


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