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HREA Work Festival Virtual Conference

Category : HR
Place : Lagos, Nigeria
Date : 2 April - 3 April, 2020
Event URL : https://forms.gle/hQVLexky9JDyKiT59

Status : Registration in progress
HR Expo Africa

Dear Professional,
Due to the ever changing landscape of work as a result of digital transformation and the rising concern to practice safe distancing; The use of technology tools have become the new normal for Remote working, Learnings and Meetings etc.

To keep our audience and participants engaged while at home, our team at HR Expo Africa have put together a 2-day moderated Virtual Conference with Masterclasses, Keynotes and Panel discussions to be anchored by some notable stellar speakers who will be discussing topics around how you can get yourself and your business equipped for the future with questions and answers sessions.

This virtual event is scheduled to hold from 2nd-3rd of April 2020. The conference will explore what digital transformation means for the world of business and will allow attendees to remotely access the conference live from their computers from any part of the world.

How Will The Virtual Conference Work?
Don't worry, we've got you covered, all you need to do is: Kit up like you would, if you were going for a face-face conference, use the log-in details we will send to you and join other attendees in the Masterclass Sessions as keynote speakers and leaders from different sectors present their insights around topics on the Future of Work, Better Wellbeing, The Art of Positive Thinking and the Impact of Digital Transformation and COVID-19 in the changing world of work in a real-time.

We have a lineup of leaders from different sectors for each of our sessions, we also understand that even the best speakers benefit from excellent support and opportunities for feedback and practice.

So, we made sure from the very beginning – through email and phone calls – that they had an excellent overall understanding of the event and also that they understood our expectations for their session.

As much as we intend to deliver real value and make impact during the live virtual sessions, attendees can also be valuable collaborators to the learning experience, through the use of the chat and discussion social tools made available.

We have also put effort into "curating" the experience in a way that helps bring out the value of the content in much the same way that a well-curated face-to-face Work Festival would look like.
Are You Interested in Bringing Your A-game to Work?
Join other attendees, sponsors, exhibitors at our upcoming virtual conference; to learn about the Changing landscape of work, Impact of COVID-19 and Digital Transformation in the World of Work, New Global Trends and many more from several industry experts.
Find below details of the event as stated below:
Time: 10 am – 2 pm daily
Date: April 2-3, 2020.
Find below Google form link that lets you register for the event https://forms.gle/hQVLexky9JDyKiT59
You can also send an email to registration@hrexpoafrica.com
HR Expo Africa Team

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