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Public Private Partnership (PPP): Financing, Projects & Contracts

Category : PPP
Place : Singapore, Singapore
Date : 23 November - 27 November, 2020
Event URL : https://www.infocusinternational.com/ppp

Status : Registration in progress
Infocus International

The Public Private Partnership (PPP): Financing, Projects & Contracts
master class aims to provide an in-depth understanding of how PPPs work, from financial, commercial, project & legal aspects. It seeks topush participants to innovate with real life case studies, group discussions and technical evaluation.

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Course Highlights
•    Financial & Commercial aspect of PPP, e.g. funding, how to attract investors, project finance, ROI
•    Project aspect of PPP, e.g. project planning, cost control, risks, implementation
•    Legal aspect of PPP, e.g. contract, regulation, dispute resolution
•    Sector-by-sector analysis of PPP models and structures
•    Building a real PPP model using Excel.

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