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Mastering Solar Power (Online Course)

Category : Renewable Energy
Place : Online,
Date : 19 March - 31 March, 2021
Event URL : https://www.infocusinternational.com/solar-online

Status : Registration in progress
Infocus International

The course provides comprehensive, up-to-date and business-focused roadmap to success in delivering solar power growth, today and tomorrow.

More Event Information
The course schedule includes illustration of key project development considerations, including energy yield, financial and other simple calculations, along with the chance to discuss key planning and market environment considerations.

This course is scheduled to take place over 5 live online sessions ((between 19, 24-26, 31 March, 2021) using virtual learning technology. Each session will hold for 3 hours.

Benefits of Attending
-   Speak the language of solar energy: terminology and concepts explained with clarity and relevance
-   Understand the key variables determining the economics of solar PV projects
-   Review current and emerging market opportunities for solar PV, including integrations such as energy storage
-   Navigate the typical project development requirements, processes and risks
-   Learn and discuss how financial returns and risks arise in PV projects
-   Be better able to converse with project partners, suppliers, investors, policymakers and other stakeholders
-   Know what to look for when evaluating PV project opportunities
-   Identify key investment and project performance risks
-   Learn how to analyse and critique current and emerging business models.


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