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Mastering Renewable Power (Online Course)

Category : Renewable Energy
Place : Online,
Date : 19 April - 27 April, 2021
Event URL : https://www.infocusinternational.com/renewable-online

Status : Registration in progress
Infocus International

Get comprehensive understanding of renewable power, from market value to investment case development and risk assessment.

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This course will provide new power project developers, incumbent utilities, investors and policymakers a thorough understanding of how renewables are impacting the energy mix and business models. You will have a clearly explained review of renewable power trends and project development essentials; including key stages, processes, contracts and risk mitigation approaches.

This course is scheduled to take place over 5 live online sessions ((between 19-21, 23, 27 April, 2021) using virtual learning technology. Each session will hold for 3 hours.

Benefits of Attending
-   Understand the factors driving the growth of renewable power
-   Review data and statistics on deployment trends, costs and other key metrics
-   Learn how to develop renewable power projects
-   Evaluate the contrasts between different types of renewable power, from both project development and energy mix perspectives
-  Discuss how channel to market choices and value propositions are evolving, and the impact on project development and business case
-   Learn new trends such as storage and ‘flexibility’
-   Quantify how multiple variables and risk considerations come together to determine the financial case for renewable power investments
-   Stay up-to-date by project examples, business models and deployment approaches from across the world.


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