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EPC Contracts for Energy Industry (Online Course)

Category : Power
Place : Online,
Date : 2 March - 10 March, 2021
Event URL : https://www.infocusinternational.com/epc-online

Status : Registration in progress
Infocus International

The course provides comprehensive analysis of EPC contracts and of the key considerations in projects and disputes where such contracts are used.

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The live online course will provide an in-depth analysis of EPC contracts, their interface with other project documents and their role in the project lifecycle. It discusses key risk allocation issues, and the structuring of the contract in a project financing context.

You will be introduced to the key terms and negotiation issues in EPC arrangements, the role and incorporation of technical details, and the impact of project specifications in EPC arrangements.

This course is scheduled to take place over 5 live online sessions (between 2-5, 10 March, 2021) using virtual learning technology. Each session will hold for 3 hours.

Benefits of Attending
-   Best practices in negotiating EPC contracts
-   Understand the procurement options for projects and the associated risks and opportunities
-   Consider alternative pricing, incentivisation and risk allocation approaches
-   Develop an understanding of the current EPC market and the legal risks associated with such forms of contracting
-   Learn what the major areas of dispute may be in construction projects and how to manage them
-   Understand the key specificities of construction projects in your region of the world.


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