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Energy Storage & Charging Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Category : Renewable Energy
Place : Singapore, Singapore
Date : 16 March - 20 March, 2020
Event URL : https://www.infocusinternational.com/energystorage

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Infocus International

The Energy Storage & Charging Electric Vehicles (EVs) training will provide a comprehensive understanding of the technology solutions, business considerations and competitive environments of the booming electricity storage market, and the issues facing power systems when electric vehicles (EVs) become mass-market.

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Module I: Mastering Energy Storage
Do you understand the technology solutions, business considerations and market environments driving the booming energy storage market? This training course provides a timely, comprehensive and business-focused summary of the energy storage landscape. It covers the variety of competing storage technologies and describes the variety of problems they can address, at a wide range of deployment sizes and timescales. It also considers alternatives to storage and barriers to its market growth, making it essential for those seeking to evaluate risks as well as opportunities. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of why and where storage markets are growing, what could limit this growth and what the future trends will be. If you are thinking of investing in or developing an energy storage business, this course provides your essential grounding in the core issues.

Module II: Charging Electric Vehicles (EVs)
Are you ready for the challenges & opportunities of electric vehicle (EV) charging? This is an EV course for those in the electricity infrastructure and supply business. It introduces you to key power system issues arising from the transition from fossil-fuelled to electric vehicles. What challenges arise from the need to charge grid-connected vehicles and what new business opportunities and all-new power system applications and services are created?You’ll leave with a thorough grounding in the critical business issues (opportunities and risks) resulting from this disruptive market transition. You’ll be presented with a mix of current market data, case studies, contrasting opinions and scenarios. To help you better understand the variables and uncertainties that exist in reality, we’ll illustrate and discuss quantitative calculations; with all calculators and models available to take away and use after the course. The training course is designed for investors, developers and policymakers assess new market opportunities and risks during the integration of growing fleets of electric vehicles into transitioning electricity systems.


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