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Abuja Blockchain & AI Round-Table

Category : Digital Technology
Place : Abuja, Nigeria
Date : 19 October - 20 October, 2018
Event URL : http://blockchainsummit.ng

Status : Registration in progress
Blockchain Nigeria User Group


The goal of the Abuja Blockchain & AI Round-Table is to provide a common framework for thinking about what the convergence of Blockchain and AI means to Nigeria's economic prosperity. We aim to bridge the knowledge gap by providing government functionaries, decision makers, professionals and practitioners with the resources they need to make key business-shaping decisions in a rapidly changing world.

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Blockchain and AI are the two extreme sides of modern technology spectrum: one fostering centralized intelligence on close data platforms, the other promoting decentralized applications in an open-data environment. How can we leverage these innovative technologies to foster decentralization and democratization of value among our people?

Artificial intelligence has the ability to leverage a variety of datasets- including images, text, audio, video, structured data, unstructured data, and more. Blockchain has at its core, the security and distribution of database in an uncensorable environment. The extent to which these two technologies can be applied in solving common African problems, are only limited by our imaginations.

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