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2nd Annual Renewable Energy Project Finance Conference 2017

Category : Power
Place : London, United Kingdom
Date : 23 February - 24 February, 2017
Event URL : http://connexusevents.com/european-renewable-energy-project-finance-2017

Status : Registration in progress
Connexus Events

The 2nd Annual Renewable Energy Project Finance Conference 2017 will bring together leading professionals from the industry, senior financiers, investors from across Europe to discuss the European project financing trends.

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The main topics will be focused on Financing Storage, Debt Financing, the European Union’s targets and policies, Energy Efficiency and Risk Management in renewable energy projects. The conference also offers a specific networking opportunity – meeting senior representatives from both the energy and financial sectors who are focusing on renewables and technologies. Leading financial and legal experts in renewable energy project finance and development will provide you with tools and analytic techniques to make your business goals come true.


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