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Finnovex Southern Africa

Category : Fintech
Place : Johannesburg, South Africa
Date : 24 July - 25 July, 2019
Event URL : https://finnovex.com/FinnovexSouthernAfrica/

Status : Registration in progress
Exibex FZ LLE

Finnovex Southern Africa is the leading summit on financial services innovation and excellence.

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Finnovex will bring together Fintech influencers, senior banking experts and industry leaders to network, collaborate and discuss the future of the banking and financial services industry. This must-attend conference will focus on the developments in the banking industry, with an emphasis on the impact of technology and innovation in this sector.

The summit will focus on: Usage of Blockchain in Financial Transactions and Services; Future of Payments; Enabling Digital Transformation & Customer Experience; Biometrics Models & Authentication; The Future of Digital Business Security; Social Engineering: Threats and Prevention; Cyber Threat Intelligence: Importance & Effective Use; Application Security, Agility & Development; Endpoint Management & Security: Getting It Right; The Role of AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning; Blockchain & Cybersecurity: What Does the Future Hold?; Security as a Requirement for Governance & Privacy; and Zero Trust: Introducing a New Way of Thinking into your Cyber Strategy.

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